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Dash, I'm not giving you a strange look. I just really like the way your hooves are drawn with the socks, because they really look like...

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My name is Lexi, I am anything but a typical girl, and I love cats~ Drawing has always been something I like to do. :3
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A while ago, I started writing arguments about abortion in a word document, and it escalated. I heard more arguments from other pro-choice people and decided to use them and add on to my "book." WARNING: VERY LONG
Side note: I know I don't have sources for everything, but I promise you that I don't spread misinformation. Everything written below that is not an opinion was taken from a valid source online. If you want me to find the sources again, I will. Also, I'm open to critique of any facts I might have gotten wrong. I'm not too interested in fixing grammar mistakes, though...This is sort of just for getting the arguments out.

Explaining the biological differences between a zygote, blastocyst, fetus and baby:

    The biggest misconception pro-lifers have is that a fetus is just like a baby. Pro-lifers often refer to a fetus as a baby. It's not a baby. It's a fetus, and before it's a fetus, it's a blastocyst; before it’s a blastocyst, it’s a zygote. Here is an image of a zygote:…; here is an image of a blastocyst:…

    As you can see, neither the zygote nor the blastocyst appears even remotely human. 
During fertilization, the sperm reaches the ovum, enters, and fuses its genetic material with the ovum, resulting in the zygote. This occurs in the fallopian tubes. The zygote is a single cell containing 23 chromosomes from the male and 23 from the female. Once the zygote has formed, it begins to break apart through a process called cleavage, eventually resulting in 8 blastomeres, or dividing cells. The blastomeres remain inside of the ovum and may take 12 to 24 hours to form. Cleavage is the first stage in forming the blastocyst, and the blastocyst must grow before it can become an embryo. Here is an image with the stages from a zygote to a late blastocyst:… After the blastocyst stage, the blastocyst develops into an embryo and is now located in the uterus. Here is an image of an embryo at 5 weeks:…  By this time, the embryo has developed bilateral symmetry and has 3 germ layers. These 3 germ layers are what begin the formation of the organs. 
  Fetuses and babies differ in a number of ways. The most obvious is that a fetus is still inside of the womb, but a baby is outside of the mother’s body. Here are more differences between a baby and a fetus: a fetus does not have a conscience, is unable to breathe oxygen, is not viable (able to survive outside of the womb) usually until the 7th month of pregnancy, and has not fully developed any of its organs, circulatory system, nervous system, etc. Whether or not fetal pain is present is an on-going debate among scientists; some have found evidence that fetuses probably can’t feel pain before the third trimester, while neurologists have said that nerves have developed by this time, making it possible that some amount of pain is felt. In any case, if a fetus can feel pain, anesthesia is available for women who get abortions to inject the fetus with so that it won’t feel pain during the procedure.

    The best thing the pro-life movement has going for them is the images of aborted fetuses, but the problem with that is the majority of abortions happen BEFORE there's any trace of human features (of course, the more that pro-lifers push for abortion bans earlier on in the pregnancy, the more abortions start being performed later into the pregnancy). Nine out of ten abortions in the U.S. happen between weeks 1 and 12. Here is an image of a 12 week old fetus:… Here is an image of a 12 week old fetus after fertilization, termed an embryo:… It looks more like an alien than a human to me. Furthermore, the images that pro-lifers use in their “abortion is murder” propaganda usually include images of fetuses that were miscarried later on in pregnancy, not fetuses that were aborted. 

There are a number of things pro-lifers are forcing a pregnant person to risk along with forcing her to give birth:

    Forcing someone to do something against their will with their own body is wrong, and that includes forcing someone to go through with a pregnancy. Any time a woman becomes pregnant, she is at risk of the following, and pro-lifers are forcing her to face these - usually inevitable - risks: 
Sore and tender breasts.
Vomiting all day long.
Being unable to eat one's favorite foods without vomiting.
Indigestion and heartburn (sometimes extreme).
Braxton Hicks.
Constant emotional pain, crying, etc.
Looking, feeling, and being overweight and bloated.
Having to urinate constantly.

Pro-lifers are also forcing pregnant people to go through with these possible serious risks:

Hyperemesis gravidarum
Temporary and permanent injury to back
Severe scarring requiring later surgery (especially after additional pregnancies)
Dropped (prolapsed) uterus (especially after additional pregnancies, and other pelvic floor weaknesses -- 11% of women, including cystocele, rectocele, and enterocele)
Pre-eclampsia (edema and hypertension, the most common complication of pregnancy, associated with eclampsia, and affecting 7 - 10% of pregnancies)
Eclampsia (convulsions, coma during pregnancy or labor, high risk of death)
Gestational diabetes
Placenta previa
Anemia (which can be life-threatening)
Thrombocytopenic purpura
Severe cramping
Embolism (blood clots)
Medical disability requiring full bed rest (frequently ordered during part of many pregnancies varying from days to months for health of either mother or baby)
Diastasis recti, also torn abdominal muscles
Mitral valve stenosis (most common cardiac complication)
Serious infection and disease (e.g. increased risk of tuberculosis)
Hormonal imbalance
Ectopic pregnancy (risk of death)
Broken bones (ribcage, "tail bone")
Hemorrhage and numerous other complications of delivery
Refractory gastroesophageal reflux disease
Aggravation of pre-pregnancy diseases and conditions (e.g. epilepsy is present in .5% of pregnant women, and the pregnancy alters drug metabolism and treatment prospects all the while it increases the number and frequency of seizures)
Severe post-partum depression and psychosis
Research now indicates a possible link between ovarian cancer and female fertility treatments, including "egg harvesting" from infertile women and donors
and also indicates correlations between lower breast cancer survival rates and proximity in time to onset of cancer of last pregnancy, and indicates a correlation between having six or more pregnancies and a risk of coronary and cardiovascular disease

Info from this link (mentioned below as well):…

Pro-lifers are forcing a person with an unwanted pregnancy to unwillingly give up her bodily space, her nutrients, and her immune defenses, and are putting her in a more vulnerable position for the following reasons: she is unwillingly gaining a lot of weight, making it more difficult to run from danger; she is constantly in pain, making it more difficult to do everything; she is forced to allow the fetus to damage her organs, which can lead to serious health problems. Lastly, she is forced to carry to term, which results in the extreme pain of child birth, stretch marks and other bodily damage, including tearing of the vagina, often all the way down to the anus, and a number of mental and emotional health issues, which I will mention below. In some cases, a C-section may also be performed, allowing a plethora of other health complications to arise.

The message I’m getting here from pro-lifers/pro-birth enforcers, essentially, is this: It's perfectly a-okay to put any woman through all of those things as long as a clump of cells makes it to term. The message I’m sending is this: A person should never be forced to go through any of the above mentioned things.

    An unwanted pregnancy causes the pregnant person a number of emotional and mental health problems, including, but not limited to:
Extreme fear
Loss of hope
Anxiety and stress
Loss of control
Shame that she wouldn't have felt had it not been for people shaming her for considering an abortion to prevent all of the above things from happening to her


Analogies and Double Standards:

    One of my favorite analogies to forcing someone to carry a fetus to term is the analogy of forcing someone to have sex with you, otherwise known as rape. In both situations of rape and situations of forcing a woman to carry to term, the victim’s body is being controlled by another person or people against the victim’s will. There is one difference, though: the list of complications and risks from pregnancy and giving birth are worse than a rapist giving you an STD. So, even though forcing someone to go through with a pregnancy is like someone forcing you to have sex with them, being forced to go through with a pregnancy has the potential to be more detrimental than being raped. 

    I can make another analogy as well: forcing a pregnant person to give up - or donate - her bodily space, nutrients and immune defenses, making herself more vulnerable, is equivalent to forcing someone to donate organs, blood or plasma. It's being done for the same thing: to save and/or preserve a life. In other words, pro-lifers who would say that it’s wrong to force someone to donate organs, blood or plasma in order to save a person would also say that it's right to force a pregnant person to donate her nutrients, space and immune defenses to save a fetus. Double standards. Tch. I know what double standards are, and that sure as hell is a double standard.

A fetus cannot decide that it wants to live because it is not a person and does not have the ability to make decisions; the pregnant woman is a person:

    What the fetus “wants” is non-existent. A fetus cannot have desires, and therefore it does not want anything, including the want to live. A fetus has no concept of life. It also cannot be considered a person because it has not developed a personality or a conscience, and it does not have relationships, goals, desires, hopes or dreams. But the pregnant person (who is, indefinitely, a person) has all of those things, is completely aware of what is happening, and is most strongly affected; the fetus, father, or anyone else cannot be as hurt as the pregnant person can be as a result of the pregnancy. Furthermore, nature has just barely begun acting on the fetus, and nurture hasn't begun acting on it at all. The fetus is nothing more than a biological life. It does not possess a biographical life like the pregnant person does.


On the father’s wishes:

    As for what the father wants, I agree that he has a say. But that's it. He can express his opinion and talk about it with the person who he got pregnant, but he cannot try to take away her rights to her own body. If men were the ones who got pregnant instead of women, my views would be the same as they are now: men would be allowed to make the ultimate decision. I simply do not believe in taking complete control over somebody else’s body.


Forcing child support upon the father in the case of carrying to term:

    I believe that whoever is raising the baby should be the one to pay for the baby. That means that if the father isn't in the child's life, he shouldn't have to pay for it. Simple as that.

So, in short, it's not fair to force anyone to do something against their will, such as forcing someone to go through with a pregnancy, forcing someone to have sex with you, or forcing someone to pay child support when that person is not in said child's life.


An argument against the argument that adoption is an alternative to abortion:

    There are many possible reasons for why people can't just give birth and give the child up for adoption. The first, and probably the most important, reason to mention here is that adoption cannot be considered a solution to an unwanted pregnancy for the obvious and simple fact that giving up your child for adoption after you’ve given birth does not eliminate the unwanted pregnancy leading up to your child’s birth. The second most important reason to mention here is that the moment a person gives birth, she becomes a mother, whether she wants to be one or not. Giving up the baby for adoption does not change this fact. Having a baby and becoming a mother is a life-changing and detrimental experience for someone who does not want to be one, and if a person does not wish to be a mother, she shouldn’t have to be, regardless of whether she’s the one raising her child or not. It’s incredibly stressful and emotionally draining to have to make a decision like that, and it only becomes harder when you realize that you’ve become someone who you don’t want to be.

    Another reason adoption may not be considered a solution to abortion is if one parent might want something despite what the two parents could afford or be able to do; if one parent doesn't want to give it up, but the other does, then their relationship could come crashing down, and the child would most likely never have a good life or be financially secure. Also, the number of white women with unwanted pregnancies who actually give up their children for adoption is less than 3%, while the number of black women with unwanted pregnancies who actually give up their children is less than 2%. The reason so few women who initially had unwanted pregnancies actually give up their babies for adoption is because they become emotionally attached to the babies once they’re born, often when they are unable to properly care for the child themselves. In other words, adoption doesn't work. 

A personal story related to adoption vs. keeping the child:

    I have a friend who has let her health go down the drain because she got pregnant, gave birth and kept the child, and she works full time while going to school and raising her daughter. It has had a horrible effect on her physical, mental and emotional health, and I'm really worried about her. If she'd given her child up for adoption, she would be healthier, but she didn't because, as is the case with most new mothers, she got attached. Now who knows what will happen to them?


Incest, Rape, and Ectopic/Deadly Pregnancies: 

    Babies that result from incest can have serious physical and/or mental disabilities, be prone to diseases, and have much weaker immune systems. In situations of incest, the sexual partners often are not trying to have children. They are usually hiding their relationship for fear of being ridiculed or shamed. In any pregnancy-as-a-result-of-incest situation, abortion is probably the best solution for everyone, family included. In situations of pregnancy as a result of rape, the pregnant person would be terribly distraught, depressed, and may have thoughts of suicide due to the rape and hormonal imbalances from pregnancy, and to force her to go through with a rape pregnancy is incredibly cruel and selfish. It is most likely that she could never love a baby that was conceived through rape, and may even end up hating the child, which would only lead to serious problems for the child and a horrible relationship between mother and child. It’s also possible that she could have contracted an STD from the rapist, and giving birth would risk passing the STD to the child. There’s also a slight possibility that I feel is still worth mentioning that, if it ever came down to a custody case between mother and rapist (father), the father could gain custody, and in such a case, the child would be in danger. In cases where either the mother or the baby/fetus will die, such as ectopic pregnancies, there should be no question of whether or not the mother should be able to choose what to do. She should be the one who makes the decision to either save herself or the baby, since her life is at stake and the fetus cannot make a decision itself. For anyone who claims to be pro-life wanting to take away the pregnant person’s life against her will to save the life of a fetus destroys the pro-life image; it could just as easily be considered homicide.

Lies spread by Pro-Lifers and how the Pregnant Person feels about her unwanted pregnancy:

    The way the pregnant person feels is something most pro-lifers rarely take into consideration, and if they do consider it, they attempt to push a number of myths, including: the myth that every woman with an unwanted pregnancy will eventually come to be happy about it, the myth that every woman who gets an abortion will eventually regret it and feel guilty, the myth that every woman who gets an abortion will experience “post abortion syndrome” - a syndrome that does not actually exist -, the myth that the abortion procedure itself is nothing but dangerous and will always cause harm to the woman, the myth that abortion causes infertility, and the myth that abortion causes breast cancer. None of these things are true, and there is plenty of science to back it up; these lies all originated in the pro-life movement and are designed to convince women not to get abortions.

    The pregnant person will feel an unbearably larger amount of pain than the fetus will if she doesn't get to decide what to do about her pregnancy, and this is simply because the fetus doesn't even know what is happening and can scarcely feel pain, but the pregnant person does and can. In situations where a pregnant person feels as if the fetus is invading her life and/or body, and is detrimental to her own well-being, it can be extremely scary and mentally, emotionally, financially and physically scarring to make the kind of life-changing commitment to having a baby that she doesn’t even want. Going through with it and giving birth literally changes who she is and flips her world upside down, and for mothers who feel it's nothing but a bad thing, it's a huge sacrifice that they shouldn't have to face.

    The feelings of the pregnant person and the fetus can't be compared because the fetus does not have feelings, so only the pregnant person will feel extreme physical and emotional pain; the pregnant person isn't risking someone else's biographical life by being inside a person’s body, but the fetus is; the fetus is not aware of what’s happening like the pregnant person is. No one can force someone to change the way she views her pregnancy, whether she views it as a good thing or a bad thing.

On the Legality of Abortion and the Right to Differing Morals:

    First and foremost, in any place where abortion is absolutely illegal, professional medical care is not available to women seeking abortions for any reason. Because of this, women who live in these places and attempt to give themselves abortions or have friends or illegal abortionists perform abortions for them are more likely to die both because they often do not have the proper knowledge and/or tools to safely carry out abortion procedures and because they are more prone to extreme health complications as a result of the unsafe abortions. In these cases, both the pregnant person and the fetus will die.

    There are different illegal practices; sometimes, the pregnant person will ingest a plant or pills to induce a miscarriage, but usually it isn't very effective, and it's dangerous; other times, she will seek an illegal abortionist or a friend to perform the abortion for her, as mentioned in the previous paragraph. Coat-hanger abortions were somewhat common before it became legal in the U.S. Sticking a coat hanger up inside your body can cause serious damage, especially since you have to get it up into your reproductive organs and into the womb to get the fetus out.

    In order for you to understand why women still choose to have unsafe abortions where abortion is illegal, you need look no further than what you might do in a situation where you feel you need to do something that is illegal, simply because you think you’d be doing the best thing or the “right” thing by going against the law. Each person has a unique set of morals and differing opinions about what is right or wrong, and each person is entitled to his or her own moral values. A pregnant person who knows she will die if she does not get an abortion most certainly may try to seek an illegal abortion. A pregnant person who believes that her well-being is at stake due to an unwanted pregnancy and she must find a way to save her dreams, relationships, desires, etc., even at the expense of a mere partially-developed biological life, most certainly may try to seek an illegal abortion. The bottom line is that people must have the ability to weigh their own options and decide what is most important to them rather than letting someone else decide for them, because oftentimes when other people try to force their morals on people, it ends up hurting those they force their morals on.

    And so, because some people will always feel a certain way about abortion, there will always be those who attempt to get abortions regardless of its legality. Abortion is not dangerous to the woman if it's done correctly, and it can only be done correctly if it’s legal and done by a trained medical professional; most people who get abortions done by professionals have little to no side effects, and in fact giving birth can cause many more horrible side effects than abortion can.

On comparing Abortion’s legality to Street Drug legality:

    One argument I’ve heard from pro-lifers is that since drugs are illegal, the government is attempting to keep people from putting certain drugs into their own bodies, which is the same as not letting them do what they want with their own bodies, much like taking away abortion rights is not letting pregnant women do what they want with their own bodies. They justify not allowing abortion by saying that we don’t allow the use of illegal and unsafe drugs either. There are several reasons why the two cannot be compared; the first reason is that the majority of illegal drugs are illegal because they can, and most often do, harm people. Safe, legal abortions rarely seriously harm people, making legal abortion safer than most street drugs. Safe, legal abortions also do not harm the fetus, and if they do, the pain the fetus feels is minimal at best, especially compared to the pain that both it and the mother would feel during child birth. Also, as mentioned above, more pain is caused to people when abortion is illegal rather than when it is legal, which is contrary to the fact that street drugs harm people regardless of their legality. Whether or not any street drug is legal, how it affects anyone depends on the person's body, how often the person smokes it/injects it, etc. In other words, street drugs can harm you whether they are illegal or not. Abortion most often only harms you if it is not done properly, safely, and legally. Lastly, I disagree with the government trying to force people not to put whatever they want into their bodies anyway. :D

On comparing Slavery to Abortion:

    Slaves cannot be compared to unwanted fetuses for many reasons. For one, black people indefinitely are people, and this is a fact; on the other hand, there's no consensus on whether or not a fetus is a person, and many people do not believe that it is. The idea that a fetus is a person isn't a fact; it's a belief. Another reason the two don't compare is because slaves or blacks aren't inside someone else's body threatening their well-being. An unwanted fetus is. For these same reasons, abortion can't be compared to genocide.

Consequences of giving birth to an unwanted child:

    The mother doesn't see joys coming from a baby she doesn't want, and mothers with unwanted children can certainly be upset rather than joyful that they gave birth. It's just reality. And in those situations, the kids grow up unwanted and unhealthy emotionally and mentally; they also rarely learn to trust people, especially if they do not have a permanent family. Unwanted children are disproportionately much more likely to commit crimes – all crimes, including car theft, assault, robbery, rape, murder, and drug dealing - so, really, aborting an unwanted fetus often does everyone a favor. Most unwanted children do not improve the mother's life; they make it harder, especially if the mother isn't financially stable, and many times she isn't, especially in today's economy. Someone saving her good, hard-earned and happy biographical life at the expense of a non-existent one doesn't sound like a mere "convenience" to me. It sounds like a very logical, sound decision.

 On Blame:

    Abortion is not and never has been about blaming the fetus or blaming any person; abortion is about removing a threat to a person’s well-being and biographical and/or biological life. People should not be getting abortions because they feel the need to “blame” or “punish.” The majority of people who do get abortions are getting them because that is what they feel is best for them at that time. Unfortunately, women are the biggest targets when it comes to abortion because when discussing abortion, people often ignore the fact that it takes both a man and a woman to cause a pregnancy, and when most anti-choicers hear the phrase, “abortion,” they automatically begin to blame the woman alone, disregarding the man’s role in the situation. Once again, abortion is not and should not be about blame; this includes blaming a woman for her choice. It also should not be about punishment, but anti-choicers often try to turn pregnancy into a punishment for the woman anyway, once again ignoring the fact that a man is involved too. Does that mean that if both the man and the woman want her to abort, the man doesn’t deserve to be punished with an unwanted pregnancy and child birth while the woman does? This is a message that is often sent by anti-choicers, whether it’s sent intentionally or not. It's also important to mention that forcing pregnancies to term as punishment to women will breed a very bad relationship between mother and child.


This link has some information explaining what happens when you have multiple abortions; it basically just says that there's no medical limit and that the mother isn't the one who's affected if she decides to carry to term in the future.

www.prochoiceactionnetwork-can… Comparing personhood to humanhood; they are not the same thing. 


www.prochoiceactionnetwork-can… This provides a number of valid arguments against the pro-life movement, also from the same site.


    A “diary” by someone with the username Sasharusha on the site…, explaining biologically why a fetus can be considered a parasite, as well as the multiple possible risks associated with any pregnancy. (click the link to read)

    ·         An argument by someone with the username Cedwyn who commented under the article linked above defending the idea that a fetus can biologically be considered a parasite:

Definition of Parasite (2+ / 0-)

: a person who exploits the hospitality of the rich and earns welcome by flattery
: an organism living in, with, or on another organism in parasitism
something that resembles a biological parasite in dependence on something else for existence or support without making a useful or adequate return

Never forget that the Republican War on Women originated with religion; the GOP is but theocracy's handmaiden.

    ·         * [new]  But I thought the premise of the diary and (2+ / 0-)

comments was the biological definition. Obviously colloquial and social definitions don't involve different species.

Even using definition 3, however, the fetus does make a useful return since without fetuses, the species would not survive.

You can't scare me, I'm sticking to the Union - Woody Guthrie

by sewaneepat on Sun Apr 15, 2012 at 10:06:55 AM PDT

Parent ]

    §  * [new]  the parasite doesn't act at the species level(1+ / 0-)

it acts at the individual host level. if the host derives no benefit, the organism is parasitic.

even if it did, there is no inherent biological drive to propagate the species, i.e. it's not even a benefit in any ecological sense. the instinctual drive is for sex, which achieves the goal of species propagation.

yes; this diary explores biological fact. those biological facts well establish that a fetus "resembles a biological parasite in dependence on something else."


Never forget that the Republican War on Women originated with religion; the GOP is but theocracy's handmaiden.

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